4K Delivery?

What is 4K delivery? And do you need it for your wedding videos?

These are probably the questions running through your mind as you are looking at our price packages. Well, 4K delivery is on our optional/extras, but we certainly do highly recommended it!

Most people are familiar with 1080p video quality. It has good clarity and it is commonly recognised as a standard high definition all around the globe.  4K is a new form of high quality resolution that is known as UHD or ultra high definition. It has a better resolution than the 1080p HD. 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels while 1080P is 1920×1080. The large difference  in pixels definitely shows in the video quality.

For instance, 4K is able to resolve and preserve tiny details even when zoomed in. The colour correction is more true to self. From a production point of view to the audience point of view, 4K UHD technology is definitely making the change on how we watch videos. 4K video delivery is becoming more popular and will soon be used in our everyday videos and films. Now with televisions, cameras and computers programming delivering in 4K, having your wedding videos in 4k ensures the high quality viewing for many years to come.

Watch the video below, as we made a comparison between 1080p and 4K resolution. Hopefully this will highlight the differences!