Anna + Jess || Stones Of The Yarra Valley

Ahh Valentines Day… about as perfect a date as you can get for a wedding… and that’s when Anna + Jess tied the knot! This couple is already winning at weddings somehow? Read below for more details of their ultra-luxe wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley!

We met Anna surrounded by her bridesmaids in the well-appointed Rex’s Yarra Valley House where they relaxed (I mean, as relaxed as you can be on the day of your wedding!), exchanged letters and gifts and helped Anna into her gown by One Day Bridal. Anna’s gown had a classic hourglass design with plunging neckline and open back.

Jess, her hubby to be, was getting ready not too far down the road at The Yarra Valley Grand Hotel, in the large open plan ‘Manager’s House’. When the boys had settled and finally secured those pesky cuff links, it was time to get the show on the road!

Set deep in the Yarra Valley, with uninterrupted views across to the blue-tinged mountains of The Great Divide, Stones is a suitably highly sought after wedding venue, with an on-site chapel if their location hasn’t already sold you!

Emma Tomlinson, one of our favourite celebrants in Melbourne right now, married the cheeky couple in front of their nearest and dearest, with the great acoustics in the chapel letting the laughter ring loud and clear across the lawns. Their reception was held in The Barn (yep, still at Stones of the Yarra Valley!) and their celebrations lasted well into the balmy evening.

Thanks Anna + Jess, we had such a ball filming your wedding, we wish you all the best!