Alana + Adam | Tanglewood Estate

What do Scotsmen wear under their kilt? It’s an age old question – but probably one that Alana knows the answer to after her wedding to Adam at Tanglewood estate! (That’s the last reference to a kilt that we’ll make in this post, we promise…) From a music festival to marriage, Alana and Adam’s love […]

Anna + Jess || Stones Of The Yarra Valley

Ahh Valentines Day… about as perfect a date as you can get for a wedding… and that’s when Anna + Jess tied the knot! This couple is already winning at weddings somehow? Read below for more details of their ultra-luxe wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley! We met Anna surrounded by her bridesmaids in […]

Jodie + Daniel || Truffleduck Gardens

We had so much fun at Jodie & Daniel’s wedding – mainly due to the fact we were lucky enough to be in the company of couple that knows how to have real fun together! An idyllic pastoral setting, car-boot-loads of personality and spunk, and plenty of raw emotion… this wedding gave us serious warm […]

Our Favourite Wedding Celebrants (Plus A Little Bit Of Wedding History)

Choosing the right celebrant for your wedding should be pretty high on your list of priorities (somewhere right in between the dress and the guest list…maybe). A wedding is a very public ritual, and whilst it can seem less exciting than the cake, flowers, or dancefloor, a ceremony conducted by an excellent celebrant provides the […]

Neda + Will || Campbell Point House

It’s so wonderful to watch a couple who are so clearly connected, so much in love, and so excited to get hitched. Neda & Will’s wedding at Campbell Point House had all the elements of a wedding that creates memories for life: laughter, tears, tradition, a stunning location… and bucketloads of style and class! We […]

Suzie + Amar || Luminare

From the very beginning, Suzie and Amar wanted their wedding to be fun and relaxed, showing off the things they love about each other (and Melbourne) to their guests, many of whom travelled internationally to attend their ceremony! We first met Amar in a suite in Crown Metropol, overlooking Melbourne’s Southbank and Yarra River. Amar […]

Georgia + Matt || The Burrow

Ahh, young love… Georgia & Matt’s wedding was full of those things that young people do best! It was full of passion, style, innovation, resoursefulness, hope, and of course, love! *insert heart eyes emoji here* On a somewhat drizzly day, we met Matt in Daylesford where he and his groomsmen were getting dressed. The boys […]

Mandy + James || All Smiles

Mandy & James – two very fit people, who are a perfect fit for each other! Weddings are a time of celebration, a time to reflect, and a time to feel hopeful. For Mandy & James, the absence of two key members of their respective families only made their energy that much higher, the tears […]

Melissa + Jamie || Showtime Events Centre

Melissa & Jamie’s wedding day had everything we love. Lots of family and friends, a stylish bride and groom, Australian native plants, traditional Lebanese music, gorgeous Orthodox church ceremony, and of course, plenty of dancing! The bride, Melissa, wore a gown made by Raffaele Ciuca, and wore her hair delicately styled with two jewelled berets […]

Simone + Matt || Mt Duneed Estate

Simone & Matt – two big personalities, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, in a stunning setting! That sure sounds like a recipe for success… and it was! Simone started her day off at a beachside AirBnb dressed in a comfy pair of satin “bride-to-be” pyjamas, joined by her bridal party – in matching loungewear! […]