Melissa + Jamie || Showtime Events Centre

Melissa & Jamie’s wedding day had everything we love. Lots of family and friends, a stylish bride and groom, Australian native plants, traditional Lebanese music, gorgeous Orthodox church ceremony, and of course, plenty of dancing!

The bride, Melissa, wore a gown made by Raffaele Ciuca, and wore her hair delicately styled with two jewelled berets that kept soft locks from falling over a beaming face (@hairbyneveen). We met Melissa in West Meadows, surrounded by five bridesmaids and one (very) cute flower girl. Bubbles in glass flutes, hooped earrings secured, and with a final spritz of perfume, Melissa was ready for her wedding.

Meanwhile, in a classic Brunswick weatherboard house, Jamie was having his cufflinks straightened and pinning corsages of native Australian flora (@floreshairpieces) to stylish black tuxedos. A watch, left in secret by Melissa, was unwrapped and clasped around Jamie’s wrist, completed the ensemble.

Following a classic Lebanese sendoff including drums and dancing, the ceremony took place at the Saint George Orthodox Church in Thornbury. The guests were dressed to the nines, in bright colours and textures of sequin and silk. They sat in wooden pews beneath a golden chandelier and the watchful eyes of painted saints. There were happy tears shed by many as Melissa was walked down the isle by her father, and their first kiss as husband and wife was met with applause and wide grins.

There was opportunity for a few family photos out the front of the church before the bridal party and groomsmen made their way into the CBD for a location shoot at The Bank on Collins. After a quick glass of wine, and whisky, Melissa and Jamie braved some light rain to have photos taken on Collins Street with their entourages and in Flagstaff Gardens (a white umbrella sparing the couple from wet hair and shoulders). It was time for a quick snack at a handy roadside churro van, and with energy found for the hours ahead, they headed to the reception.

The venue was the spectacular Showtime Events Centre in Southbank. The heritage venue is parallel to the Yarra River and, with hardwood floors and black curtained walls, provided a powerfully emotive space for the most energetic part of the wedding yet! Close family and friends danced their way into the reception in a zaffeh style entrance, closely followed by Melissa and Jamie and a consort of Lebanse drummers. From there, sweat mopped from brows, the couple proceeded to have their first dance. And really, that was the theme for the rest of the night – dancing, and more dancing! In the beautiful space, it wasn’t hard to see or feel the love radiating from all the guests present. During speeches, we doubt if there was a dry eye in the house! A neon sign, hung above the four tier cake (Cakes By Ellen), spelled out the words “better together” (Neon Garden Event Hire), and from us at Iconic, we couldn’t agree more!