Neda + Will || Campbell Point House

It’s so wonderful to watch a couple who are so clearly connected, so much in love, and so excited to get hitched. Neda & Will’s wedding at Campbell Point House had all the elements of a wedding that creates memories for life: laughter, tears, tradition, a stunning location… and bucketloads of style and class!

We found Will at the Lake House, one of Campbell Point’s private accommodation areas. He was putting the final touches on his speech, whilst his groomsmen played a few rounds of Fifa on the Playstation. Sealed and safely stowed for later, Will then opened a wedding day gift box from Neda that included a monogrammed kerchief (classy!) that Will proudly wore in the pocket of his classic black tuxedo from Oscar Hunt, finished superbly with a pair of black patent leather shoes.

It was time to check in on the bride’s preparations, taking place in the Master Suite. Neda was sipping champagne in white bridal loungewear and having her hair gently styled by Shauna Elizabeth into loose waves, with her fringe held lightly back from her face. Neda’s makeup, by the talented Studio 2 Makeup & Hair glamorously accented her natural Persian beauty (seriously, we kept getting lost in her eyes). 

Neda’s bridal look was modern and minimalist. Her gown, from Suzanne Harward had a fitted plunge v-neckline, open back, and silk lined petticoat skirt – with pockets! She kept her accessories to a minimum: a simple white pearl bracelet from Rutherford and pale blush satin heels from Manolo Blahnik. Her bridesmaids wore dusky jacaranda dresses, lightly embellished with sequins. Once dressed, the girls popped a bottle of Dom Perignon, and sat watching the guests beginning to arrive from their second floor vantage point.Neda was a vision as she was walked down the aisle by her mother. She carried a bouquet of white and pale dusty pink roses from Botanica. Will had tears in his eyes as he beheld his bride, and had to visibly hold himself back from kissing Neda as she arrived at the arbor (awww!) for their vows. 

Neda and Will chose to include an extremely important Persian wedding tradition at the start of their ceremony. Sat next to each other, a cloth was stretched over their heads, and family and friends took turns in rubbing cones of sugar over the cloth – meant to bring sweetness to the couple’s life and marriage. In front of the couple were other items: candles to bring light, eggs for fertility, gold coins for prosperity, and a mirror to bring even more light into their lives. Finally, Neda and Will dipped their pinky fingers into honey, placing it in the mouth of their partner for a sticky and sweet moment of contact with each other. Their celebrant Matt Finch guided the proceedings with an informative and efficient air. 

Will and Neda shared a long-awaited first kiss as husband and wife before joining their close family in the conservatory for a few more hugs and kisses, and family photos. Neda, Will, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen headed out into the beautiful afternoon sun for photos before Persian music drew them back in through tall French-doors to the conservatory for the reception.

Both Will’s younger brother and father made two of the more memorable speeches of the night, followed closely by one from Neda’s mum. We had tears of laughter and joy to wipe away as the married couple were invited to the dancefloor for their first dance. It was so clear how Neda and Will simply revelled at being in close proximity to each other throughout the day. After everyone else had a chance to join them on the dancefloor it was time to cut the cake – but not without a little bit of fun and style that Neda and Will are all about. Called the ragsheh chagoo (a Persian knife dance), the dance begins with one of the guests holding the knife that will be used to cut the cake. The couple is expected to exchange money in return for the knife, but the dancer often takes the money and passes the knife on to another dancer in a novel game of to-and-fro. After a few people have had a go dancing with the knife, Neda and Will eventually “bought” the knife back and proceeded to cut the delicious looking three-tiered buttercream cake from Miss Ladybird Cakes (read their mouthwatering menu options here, seriously).

We left everyone dancing to Persian music, and would like to thank Neda and Will for having us along to capture their special day – we had so much fun, and we love you two together! If their wedding day was anything to go by… we expect great things from this gorgeous couple!