Our Favourite Wedding Celebrants (Plus A Little Bit Of Wedding History)

Choosing the right celebrant for your wedding should be pretty high on your list of priorities (somewhere right in between the dress and the guest list…maybe). A wedding is a very public ritual, and whilst it can seem less exciting than the cake, flowers, or dancefloor, a ceremony conducted by an excellent celebrant provides the opportunity to set the tone for a beautiful, enthralling, and memorable day. 

Think about it this way – weddings have been going on for around 4000 years now, since Ancient Mesopotamia (there were maybe a few less stretch Hummer limousines back then…) and you can bet that in those early days, the marriage of two people was largely a deal between two families; discussed, acknowledged, recorded, and filed away. Thankfully, over the years, society has seen marriage and weddings develop from pure formalities surrounding ownership (*frowny face*), all the way through religious sacrament and covenant, many legal and political changes, and onwards to romantic gestures and celebrations of love and partnership. Marriage has changed more in the last 50 years than the centuries upon centuries before that!

Here’s where celebrants come in! The ceremony is, as well as being kind of the central focus of the day, largely about language. Legally, you must have an authorised and registered celebrant to officiate your wedding, they will direct and perform the ceremony proper, and make sure that the correct paperwork is complete and submitted to the right places. They are also the person in charge of greeting your guests, setting the tone for your ceremony, and helping everyone feel included in your special event. They’ve probably also come to know you and your partner fairly well over the planning period, so ideally it’ll feel like a friend, not just a stranger who is standing by you, finally giving you permission to kiss your chosen One.

We’ve compiled a short directory of our favourite wedding celebrants – people that we’ve worked with before, and have seen wonderful results from. They come from all walks of life, have a vibe to suit every occasion, and we know that they’ll be able to provide you with some beautiful words (and necessary documentation) for your important day!

Matt Finch – charming and receptive.

We worked with Matt on Neda & Will’s wedding (watch their highlight video here) that incorporated a Persian “sugar-rubbing” tradition before their more typical ceremony. Matt took it in his stride and provided a warm and smooth service, moving through the ceremony with an elegance that shows his passion and years of experience in the industry.

Matt Finch - Wedding Celebrant

Emma Tomlinson – natural and calming.

Wedding vows can overcome even the most stable and stoic of us. During Emma & Will’s ceremony (what a coincidence), we watched Emma Tomlinson lend her calming and kind presence through some incredibly emotional vows. Her excitement and love for wedding ceremonies is clear to see – and we think that everyone carries her energy with them for the rest of the day!

Abbie Frew – bubbly and conscientious.

We have had the pleasure of working with Abbie at two weddings (so far!) – the ceremonies of Nicole & Bill, and Elise & Trent. Two completely different couples, two completely different ceremonies, and Abbie nailing it both times! Her fresh attitude and commitment to thoroughly getting to know her couple before the wedding day made for a relaxed and enjoyable ceremony. We can’t wait to see you again Abbie!

Abbie Frew - Wedding Celebrant

Michelle Kiernan – warm and confident.

Shakila & Jay managed, with Michelle’s expert help, to create a very beautiful and intimate ceremony, despite a large number of guests and (somewhat) echoey venue. Michelle pulled us all into a series of shared moments that were a joy to experience. If the words “approachable”, “caring”, and “professional” spark your interest, get in contact with Michelle!

Ella Gannon – genuine and fresh.

Ella travelled all the way from Queensland to marry April & Jarrod in Sorrento, and that’s the kind of dedication you can expect from this passionate celebrant! She’s a no-nonsense pocket rocket, able to accomodate for a wide range of ceremonies and wedding styles! Her joie-de-vivre for her job and her life outside being a wedding celebrant is infectious and we really love her work!