Same Day Edit ?

Same Day Edit as the name states, editing done on the day of your wedding itself.

It may seem crazy how after a whole day of shooting, we can still managed to edit a snippet of your day. Well with the help of a good cup of coffee and another videographer (yes of course), anything is possible!

But you’re probably wondering what is the difference between Same Day Edit and a Highlight film. And why you should get the same day edit?

Here is Faz doing the edits during the wedding. Just a little bit of improvisation and its all good to go!

Same day edit are less intricate in the way it is edited which makes it possible to showcase on the day itself. And it is usually presented at the end of the wedding event. Also, by having another videographer in during the wedding, one does the same day edits, the other continues to shoot the wedding. So, not to worry, there is always someone capturing your wedding event.

Same Day Edit tends to be more of a slowed down version of a highlight film. It contains footages of the preparation of the bride and groom, the ceremony and some of the speeches, location shoots around wedding venue and a little bit of the reception. More emphasis is placed on the preparation and ceremony of the bride and groom as they spend time with their loved ones before tying the knot. Showing the same day edit at the end of the wedding event is very impactful, almost a feeling of nostalgia of how in a matter of hours you and your partner is making a life changing decision . And it feels homely for some as they are reminded again on their wedding day itself.

Highlight films editing on the other hand are much longer in terms of length, hence time consuming. Highlight films are especially crucial since we are handcrafting these films to tell your stories, we take ample amount of time reviewing the shots we took on the day, the speeches that narrated your love story and the heat that took off on the dance floors. These also includes understanding you and your guest through the interaction during the wedding. All these are taken apart and piece back together as narration of your story unfolds.

Still not convinced on getting the Same day edit, watch this couples’ reaction when Faz showed them their Same Day Edit. Hopefully this will change your mind!

Same Day Edit: $1,350

Suri and Srinath reaction on watching the same day edit video on the night of their wedding.