Our Team



Faz, our trailblazing founder, is the epitome of approachable and humorously unconventional. While he may wear the badge of a cat enthusiast with pride, he’s also got this uncanny knack for feigning affection for our canine companions. His journey into the world of video editing dates back to the early 2000s when he took his first steps in the realm of creativity. Armed with Windows Movie Maker and a passion for the craft, Faz kicked off his editing adventure during high school, crafting dazzling prom night photo slideshows that left everyone astounded, including himself. It was the start of something truly special.

It’s this very love for family that fuels his passion for capturing weddings. Faz’s heart truly beats for weddings, from the captivating individuals he encounters to the uproarious speeches that echo in his ears, not to mention the enchanting venues that grace his lens. It’s also a brief escape from the cacophony of kids, with the added bonus of sometimes grooving to Britpop tunes on the dance floor.

Faz revels in uncovering your idiosyncrasies, immortalizing the exquisite nuances of your special day, curating the perfect soundtrack to harmonize with your memories, and weaving it all together into a video that’s not just outstanding but undeniably, unmistakably ‘you.’



Aaron may be one of our newest team members, but he’s certainly got the experience to give everyone a run for their money!

You could say that Aaron and his cameras are high school sweethearts. His dad gave him his first stills camera as a young teenager, and unknowingly started a love affair that would blossom in the photography 101 classroom… become a true love (and Bachelor’s Degree) at Swinburne university… and see Aaron honeymooning with his passion across many countries at glamorous destination weddings and also shooting for luxury brands.

In the office, Aaron’s globetrotting hasn’t gone totally to his head, he’s hardworking and focused – unless there’s ANY discussion that involves classic films… then it’s hard to get him to stop talking! For Aaron, his eyes light up just as much testing out a new piece of equipment as they do when he takes a break from the office to get an ice cream!



Dey is our master in the editing suite by day and devoted mother by night. She also happens to be Faz’s younger sister – although we think she’s the more mature of the two… sssh, don’t tell Faz!

Editing and being a mum are not the only thing she has mastered though, she also has a Master’s Degree in Media from RMIT.

What baffles us about Dey is that she doesn’t drink coffee. How can a Melbourne girl (and an editor) not like coffee? We constantly tease her as she requests her chai latte on our coffee runs.

While it’s not a prerequisite to be a romantic, quite a few of our team definitely seem to be. She loves to watch and talk about rom-coms (“Before Sunrise” is her favourite).

Most importantly, Dey has an eye for design.She designed our booklet and pricelist. Her eye for design also comes in handy when she needs to locate key moments amongst all the endless wedding footage, piece them together, and seamlessly craft them into your own classic love story.



Pranav is our latest member, but as they say, we save the best for last! Graduated from film school in 2019, his mastery of camera, composition, and light makes him the real deal.

This endearingly awkward and bubbly character is one you definitely want to have at your wedding. Whether he fits in like an extra groomsmen or cracks a funny dad joke whilst you’re nervously waiting at the aisle, he is the one you want there to capture your day.

You’ll see him always with camera in hand, capturing those quirky elements that make you uniquely you, and he’ll be sure to make those moments shine for you.