TOP 5 Wedding Destinations

As we are moving towards the end of 2019, yes 2020 is just around the corner! 

We are writing up wedding tips to guide you in your wedding planning. From choosing photographers to understanding the different terms of services such as Same Day Edit and 4K delivery, we hope these tips will help make your wedding planning easier.

In this blog we are talking about wedding destinations, we are talking about taking your vows on the islands with sunset as your backdrop or on a hill with endless greenery. Plus we the iconic pictures team love to travel, so not to worry as you got the best videographer with you by your side at your wedding at all times.

So here is a list we have created on the top 5 destinations for your dream wedding!


First off the list is the beautiful island of Hawaii. Immerse yourself in the “Spirit of Aloha”. Full of culture, the Island defines family and togetherness which makes it perfect to bring two families together to share the celebration of love. 

From the golden and pink hue sunsets overlooking the deserted beaches, the soft strumming of the ukulele playing Hawaiian music and the sweet sweet fragrance of tropical flowers. The hawaiian islands will never fail to make your day a spectacular one!

With endless locations of islands and soothing crystal clear water on each island, you will be spoilt for choices when choosing your wedding venue. But one thing for sure is that there is not more of a romantic place than Hawaii to say I do to your loved one.

So are you already planning all these in your head? If your answer is yes then get your bathing suits ready as we got an island to go!

Need more convincing, here is a highlight film of a Summer wedding we did in Halekulani Hawaii


If mama mia was giving you wedding goals then now is the time to make that dream come to life. Even if you can’t fully get the same exact venues which is in a tiny island of skopelos, the big island santorini gives the same vibe.

If you want a luxury wedding for your once in a lifetime moment, then Santorini is the place to be. Immerse yourself in the magic that the mediterranean culture has to offer, from the food to the historical places with its exquisite architectural details and cliff tops, this is something you will definitely want to explore. 

Though we the Iconic team have not been there, we sure do feel the magic from here. 

So get your dancing shoes on as you will be dancing the night away onto your married life on the magical island of Santorini!


A dramatic yet full of charm is what you will achieve by having your wedding at Lake Como. Another luxury wedding destination for your once in a lifetime experience. 

The legendary Lake Como, with it’s phenomenal panorama, beautiful sunny climate, delicate cuisine and exquisite wine, makes it a luxury wedding destination.

The lake is nestled in between the hillsides, giving a spectacular view of endless greenery. The lake’s village are surrounded with historical villas, traditional restaurant, rustic ceremony locations, and characteristic contemporary settings.  All these create a timeless Italian atmosphere, perfect for an unforgettable wedding.

Another destination we have not done any weddings yet. But we can already imagine the breathtaking views of the hills that will be perfect canvas as you tie the knot. 

So does authentic Italian pasta pair with the Italian hills as your background sounds like a good combination to celebrate your love? Time to get packing!


When someone mentions Bali, you picture sun, surf and blue skies. From the simplicity of local street food to the magnificent private villas, this place is perfect even when on a budget. One thing for sure, is that your stomach will be full with all the local treats and so will your heart be full of love. 

Bali is also becoming a popular wedding venue for Australians as a quick island getaway due to close proximity and abundance of locations.  From food, decor and venues, you will be spoilt for choices! From a resort to a traditional chapel wedding ceremony, Bali has it all. And by having us the Iconic team as your wedding videographer, we would capture not only the beauty of the island but also ensure that the picture painted as you tie the knot is perfect. 

Though we had not film a wedding at Bali yet, we sure do enjoy the short holiday trips we made down there, and we do have say that a wedding in Bali screams perfection to happen!

Wedding destinations on a budget, I think you know where it will be. So, don’t forget to tag us along on your dreamy beach wedding trip?


If you’re looking for a place that not too far then we got New Zealand that is close to home for us in Melbourne. From the endless hills that stretch for miles and miles to rustic wool-sheds and barns and lake lookouts, New Zealand is a gem that waiting to be found. 

Whether you want the beaches and mountains or both at one place, New Zealand is the wedding destination to be. You are probably going to struggle to pick out the best of the best venue on this big island, but it is worth the trouble, right?

We the Iconic team have been to Christchurch and Auckland to do our non-wedding content (check out our non-wedding profile at ). And we were in awe of the views! Breathtaking, just like the vows that you will be saying when you are tying the knot in New Zealand.