Wedding Tips #4: More favourite photographers

Photographers and videographers are like bread and butter, we have a really close relationship. In the way we work with each other and with the couple on the day, we embody each other through our own work of art. As time passed since the last Weddings Tips which highlights the list of our  favourite photographers, we have gotten to work and meet more incredible and passionate photographers. 

So here is a list to add on the previous one, of another 5 of our favourite photographers. 


Creating raw everlasting memories is what makes Ashleigh Haase photography different from the rest. 

Yarra Valley based, Ashleigh Haase’s belief on photography is to capture real moments that does not oblige you to do awkwardly poses. So you will never feel any pressure on the most emotional yet happiest day of your life. Her bubbly persona makes it easier to form a connection making you feel comfortable on your wedding day. Also her style consist of being the”observer “ as she claims to be, hence capturing all the unscripted details and in between moments worth remembering.

So you will never miss out on anything!

For more on her work, click here:

Here is our latest wedding that we worked together:


Celebrating all the little things in life is one of the few things Ali loves. 

This makes her exceptionally good in capturing all the tiny details that reflects you as the couple, and your loved ones on your wedding day. Ali is Melbourne based photographer who specialises in natural and candid style of photography. Each frame she shot is like an adventure thus ensuring that each journey is made meaningful and captured to last a lifetime. 

For more on her timeless work:

Here is our latest wedding that we worked together: 


Her calming presence will ensure that the bride and groom both are captured in the most wonderful and authentic form. The little ‘in-between’ moments are what make Josie thrive. The little kiss during the speeches, or the giggle as you whisper sweet nothings to each other, every loving moment is captured with attention to detail eyes. Josie also has an incredible ability to go un-noticed when capturing those frames. This is perhaps one of the most important and essential factors in her getting such candid shots. The less you notice her the better, and her shots prove it.

For more of her magic:

Here is our latest wedding that we worked together:


Capturing cinematic portraits of the events on your wedding day is Jerome Coles’s forte.

Dramatic, vivid and “wow factor” is what you will get when you have jerome as your wedding photographer. Melbourne based, Jerome views your wedding as a once a lifetime Great Gatsby event that he so perfectly captures and yet still able to make intimate connection with you and it reflects through his work. So if you are up for the night of your life then Jerome will be the right fit for your wedding!

For more of his incredible work:

Here is our latest wedding that we worked together:


Vibrant and full of colours represent Shevan J style of photography.

Another Melbourne based wedding photographer who has a unique way of capturing your wedding day. Shevan specialises in highlighting the details from your wedding locations to wedding dress and makeup and using the environment perfectly to create timeless pieces. His down to earth character and passion to learn and understand you as a couple and on wedding certainly transcends through his work.

For more colourful array of his work:

Here is our latest wedding that we worked together: