Wedding Tips #2: Our favourite photographers


Photographers and videographers have a really close relationships. We both play off each other. When the photographer is taking your beautiful wedding photos, us videographers are on the side capturing the moments of genuine love that is ignited in these moments. Sometimes, we might give you some directions, but more than that it is grounding you in the moment of your wedding and allowing you to bask in one of the greatest moments in your life.

The following are some of the best photographers we have had a chance to work with.


Loco photography is a very experienced wedding photography company with over 15 years’ experience. They are able to capture the most beautiful moments that make up your day. Not only are they incredible photographers, but they are great company to have on the day. They will keep you relaxed with their friendly nature which will in turn ensure your photos are of the highest quality.

Furthermore, your photos will be unique. Every one of your friends will ask where you took these incredible photos. Why? Because Loco photography also has knowledge of the hidden gems in Melbourne.

You can check out their amazing work here:

Here is our latest wedding that we shot together:


Candid shots are Anitra’s thing. Her calming presence will ensure that the bride and groom both are captured in there most wonderful and authentic form. The little ‘in-between’ moments are always captured with Anitra. The little kiss during the speeches, or the giggle as you whisper sweet nothings to each other, every loving moment is captured with this wonderful photographer. Anitra also has an incredible ability to go un-noticed when working. This is perhaps one of the most important and essential factors in her getting such candid shots. The less you notice her the better, and her shots prove it.

You can see her beautiful work here:

Here is a film that we shot together:


Out-of-the-box. Bhargav is one of the most unique photographers we have worked with. He is able to capture incredible complex shots that no one else but him could think of. His style is cultural mixed with a perfect mix of contemporary. The most valuable aspect of Bhargav’s style is his eye for composition. His shots utilise the environment around him so as to capture your wedding in all its facets. He is able to use the location as a warm and playful character in his photos.

Bhargav is also one to take incredible candid shots. The warm embrace of a family member or the tear of happiness from a guest will all be captured when Bhargav is working.

Check out his masterpiece here :

Our latest wedding together:


This is one entertaining personality. Mark is one of the most fun and energetic people we have had the chance to work with. He is able to create a vibe between everyone on the day that is priceless. Furthermore, he has the perfect energy for a wedding day. He is always on his feet and ready to shoot. And his work speaks for itself. Mark’s photos always capture the loving moments, however, he also loves those silly moments. He’ll capture the aunty making a silly face at her niece, or the little awkward moments where you have completely made a fool of yourself. Trust us, these are the moments you will cherish when you look back on this day.

Also, if you’re one of many who don’t like posing in front of the camera, then Mark’s your guy. He does all he can to ensure that there is no cringe-worthy posing in any of your photos. This allows him to capture you in your own skin.

Look at his amazing photos here:

Here is one we shot together recently:


Dan Soderstrom is all about that natural documentary style. They utilise the environment and use it to create a story of your day. Whether it is that little piece of light that shines through a crack to light up you and your significant other, or the vast expanse of a field that allows for you to be yourself, Dan will use the world around you to capture the story of you – he even bring a portable speaker and a kickass playlist during photo time to ensure you guys are having a jolly time. He has that professional charm about him, however, are never afraid to have fun and laugh with you. He’ll always come with a big smile on his face and love in his heart

Some of his amazing photos are here:

One we worked together recently:

Photographs provide a way to the heart like nothing else. They are a snapshot of an entire experience. That is why it is so important to choose the right photographer. The right photographer will capture the love and laughter of the entire day and it will show through each and every photo. When you look back on this day, every photo will reignite that emotion you felt when the photographer’s camera clicked. The above mentioned photographers are some of the ones that we feel will best capture your day.