TOP 5 Wedding Destinations

As we are moving towards the end of 2019, yes 2020 is just around the corner!  We are writing up wedding tips to guide you in your wedding planning. From choosing photographers to understanding the different terms of services such as Same Day Edit and 4K delivery, we hope these tips will help make your […]

Videography and Photography ?

As a wedding videography company, we would like to break down the main differences between wedding videography and wedding photography. And why having both services for your wedding would make your day unique to yours truly.  To start off, photographers and videographers have a close relationship when working on your wedding. As the photographers are […]

4K Delivery? What is 4K delivery? And do you need it for your wedding videos? These are probably the questions running through your mind as you are looking at our price packages. Well, 4K delivery is on our optional/extras, but we certainly do highly recommended it! Most people are familiar with 1080p video quality. It has […]

Same Day Edit ?

Same Day Edit as the name states, editing done on the day of your wedding itself. It may seem crazy how after a whole day of shooting, we can still managed to edit a snippet of your day. Well with the help of a good cup of coffee and another videographer (yes of course), anything […]